Benjamin VanderSloot

Privacy Engineering Consulting Services

Digital privacy is a rapidly evolving space that shifts in best practice, attacks, and cutting-edge defenses. These technical approaches, and even the definitions of Privacy have been flowing from academia into industry for more than a decade.

User data can be vital to the evaluation and improvement of a service. However, when you collect data on your users, you become responsible for that data. Leaks affect your reputation and can incur fines, depending on your sector and if your customers are covered by comprehensive data privacy legislation, such as the GDPR in Europe and the CCPA in California.

Engineering solutions to protect user data while still allowing you to improve your service exist! One such example is Differential Privacy. The Google Chrome Team and the US Census Bureau both use Differential Privacy to enable privacy-respecting data analysis.

I offer the expertise of an academic that keeps on the cutting-edge of theory and practice and has built practical systems that required privacy for its users' safety.

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Privacy by Design, System Architecture

I provide system architect services for organizations that want privacy to be designed into the systems handling user information. This includes organizations looking to meet GDPR requirements, as well as looking to stay ahead of any state regulation in the United States.

User Privacy Advocacy

I provide services focused on strengthening your users' privacy guarantees in your existing systems as well. Teams often have an interest in collecting as much data on users as they can because they do not have liability if that data is leaked. Some of this data is valuable to business operations and would not reflect poorly on your company if leaked. My job is to ensure that data remains collected while reducing total data-risk the company incurs.

Expert Witness

I provide expert opinions on digital privacy and cybersecurity.

Other Services

If you have general inquiries or would like my expertiese at something that is not listed above, please still reach out.